Religious Affiliation in the 2018 Census

  • Posted on: 24 February 2016
  • By: Max Scott

From: 2018 Census content: Summary of feedback from engagement and consultation

Religious affiliation – 16 submissions, 47 comments online

All online commenters and face-to-face participants were in strong support of our recommendation to include this topic with no change. The main reasons for recommending inclusion were that this is important information for understanding society due to New Zealand’s highly diverse population, it helps track the changing nature of beliefs, and enables groups to plan their resources. There were also suggestions to collect more information on religion, such as formal and informal beliefs and spiritual beliefs.
The submissions were all in support of continuing to collect this information and there were also suggestions to output more detail on subcategories of religion and smaller religions. Specifically, people wanted published data on the non-church-based affiliations and more information on people who state they have no religion.