Church Life Survey NZ

Church Life Survey New Zealand (CLSNZ) is an interdenominational non-profit organization working together for the purpose of helping churches research the needs of their congregations, so they can plan better for the future. We are part of Christian Research, and we conduct a survey of New Zealand churches about the time of the New Zealand Census.

We have recently released a short survey called CLSNZ Lite. This survey is designed for churches that wish to know about the current make up of their congregations. It is particularly suitable for churches that are in a moment of transition, such as a change of leadership.

You can download a copy of the questionnaire from this website. Either you can either survey your church as a whole, or if you have multiple congregations, you can survey each congregation separately.

You will receive your reports as soon as your responses have been entered and submitted to the CLSNZ database.

You may choose to enter your own results (at no cost to you) using our data entry facilities on this website, or you may prefer that we enter your results with a charge for each questionnaire entered.


  • Registration: $50 for the whole church or one congregation, $10 extra for each additional congregation.
  • Data entry: Free if you do it yourself, $1 per questionnaire if we do it.
  • Additional questions: Please contact us for costs.

Sample Reports

Why use our services?

  1. Our questions have been refined through multiple surveys that we have conducted, and are designed specifically for churches.
  2. A paper-based rather than a web-based survey is still the preferred method for collecting data from a diverse group of people.
  3. Our data entry interface is designed to enable rapid entry of data from completed questionnaires.
  4. You will receive multiple reports designed for churches on the results of your survey.
  5. Our online reports allow you to cross reference one question with another, for example, 'Most valued aspects of church life' by 'Age'.
  6. Your results will go to make up a picture of your denomination and the church in New Zealand.
  7. Our costs are low, with experts in statistics, programming, and analysis of church life freely giving their time as a gift to the church.